FGB ITB Distinguished Lecture Series 2022

FGB ITB Distinguished Lecture Prof deSouza

Knowledge Commons and Digital Futures

Peter Ronald deSouza
DD Kosambi Visiting Professor, Goa University, India
Expert Team on the UNESCO Report: Reimagining Our Futures Together



The digital landscape is expanding and extending at a rapid rate. New entities keep emerging that require us to find ways to see, name, relate, and regulate them. One strategy of doing so, that we will offer, is by drawing on the vocabulary of the ‘commons’ and ‘enclosures’. While these terms have a provenance that precedes the digital age they offer, especially the idea of the ‘knowledge commons’, a useful way to see, name, relate and regulate these new digital entities. The presentation will also, with illustrations, gesture towards some of the ethical challenges that emerge in this world of science and technology, and not just of the digital world, because they need to be recognized and brought into the processes of policy making. The role of universities and corporates in raising such ethical questions, which have large implications for social life, will also be discussed. The presentation will conclude by proposing a new initiative that can be taken to build such a ‘knowledge commons’ of science and technology for countries of the global south, a Bandung initiative.

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